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Welcome to the Akpan Umoren Foundation! Our mission is to provide financial & mentoring support to intelligent children in the Essien Udim community of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria – who cannot otherwise afford an education.

Historically, educated adults have excellent career opportunities and are often hired to work for government, large establishments or other companies. Granted, there are people without a formal education who are equally successful. However, the fact remains that their chances of success are limited when compared to their educated peers. It is therefore almost mandatory that our children get an education in order to succeed in the world today. But the business of education in Nigeria is so expensive that many of our young people cannot go to school because their parents cannot afford it. If this continues, Nigeria will not step out of its poverty.

At the Akpan Umoren Foundation, we aim to help develop one promising individual per family in the Essien Udim community who will assist to develop one or more persons in their family. We hope that this goal will have a positive domino effect in the community. Equipped with this educational base, members of the community would be able to go out to work, compete and develop enough economic power to support the weak and the needy, which is really the work of the church in the community in the first place. These are generally the types of people who will bring life to the village, resources to their families and a reserve of experience and information for the children coming after them.

To this end, the AUF scholarship & other supporting programs will assist successful college-bound students to become all they can be, equipped for a successful and fulfilling venture in life.