About AUF

The Akpan Umoren Foundation has been operating in the Essien Udim community for over twenty years! A brief history of the organization is available online, as well as an outline of the AUF Vision.

The community continues to face challenges that are peculiar to a village environment in Nigeria—for example, low availability of high academic achievers, poor resources to support the students, and lack of direction to foster the growth of these children. As such, AUF has chosen to maintain a focus on four major areas.

These are:

1)    Award academic scholarships only to deserving students at all class levels from the nursery & primary school to the institutions of higher learning.

2)    Continue to provide career development training programs to college-bound students as well as those needing vocational training.

3)    Continue to support the library program to ensure a functional library that will serve the growing community.

4)    Train a librarian to manage the library program for the benefit of the community


Our work with AUF can be summarized as follows:

  • Work with the women of Essien Udim LGA to find smart children that have not been able to go to school because their parents cannot afford it. Encourage them to enroll in the nursery & primary school. Monitor and foster their development. Select the top four students from Primary 3 to 6 for sponsorship.
  • Prepare the students for the proper secondary schools. Follow through with secondary school performance, while sponsoring the top three students for each class in the secondary schools.
  • Prepare the secondary school students for their future with proper career counseling. Provide scholarships to higher institution students who have met the criteria for an award. Students at all levels will be provided with tools to enable them to succeed in reaching their potential.