AUF History

The origin of the foundation is summed up in the following article by Mrs. Nsefi Umoren, a key stakeholder in the foundation’s history.



In the early 1970s, we struggled to kick off a young school, Gorreti Secondary Commercial School. This brought me in contact with some bright children who needed to progress in life. My interest burned in that direction and I had the mind to groom them financially. However, I was on a paltry stipend that could hardly make ends meet. Most of the brightest children used to be the poorest. I sighed.

Then came an open door! In 1991, I visited the USA to take care of my daughter’s first child. Our son Ani & his family were sent to Houston, TX in the USA on a job assignment. From there, he called to inform me of some money they had set aside for community purposes, possibly the painting of the Methodist Church back home. It then clicked that this could be a chance for my dream of yesteryears to help poor kids progress in their education come true. I suggested to him that the money could be put to such a use. It really was a dream come true! Hallelujah! It has budded and grown in a wonderful way. May God’s name be praised, Amen

Nsefi Umoren


In 1991 when we first had the burden of this service, we had hoped that it would take us about 15 years to provide support in training up at least one graduate per family in this church. The foundation is still working towards this worthy cause.