AUF occasionally hosts mentoring opportunities to assist the young people of Essien Udim, as a supplement to the scholarship program and as another avenue for personal development. Mentoring meetings are held occasionally to provide career counseling and personal development training for the youths in the community. The program is a forum for youth to learn about themselves and work environments, and to make plans about their lives.

The youth that attend the program have been able to learn about lifestyle goals, interests, values, aptitude and their personality. They have also been able to learn about workplace expectations such as work environments, education and training required to get a job, salaries and fringe benefits, values, duties and responsibilities, data, people and things encountered in work places , required aptitudes and career outlook.

Youths who attend these meetings have learnt to define their needs, analyze their resources, identify their choices, evaluate them and are beginning to make decisions and definite plans about their lives. They have been introduced to quite a number of scholarships and media releases, all aimed at creating awareness to what is available to them in the larger community.